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The Artist

The key to beauty is the realization that you are perfect just the way you are... ~Ericka Leann~

Ericka Leann Smith:


Ericka Leann, the creator of the Perfectly Me | Perfection Redefined Beauty Brand, is committed to redefining perfection as we know it today.


Ericka Leann is a licensed cosmetologist and certified professional makeup artist. Her talents have opened doors and opportunities to work with multiple celebrity hair and makeup artist including fashion shows, photo shoots, film and TV projects in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Baltimore and D.C.


This Los Angeles native has experienced tragedy, trials and triumph throughout her life which has caused her to grow a greater understanding and appreciation of the meaning of beauty. She has a genuine empathy for young girls and women and desires to teach and promote self-love, self-esteem and build confidence through motivation and empowerment through her Discover YOUR Perfect® workshops.


Ericka Leann is a graduate of California State University, Dominguez Hills. She has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, Public Relations with Marketing and Advertising. Ericka has over 15 years of professional business experience and strives to work in excellence in every area of her life.



Tel: 310-760-1678   |  | IG: ErickaLeann

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